Step training boosts your outdoor activities

Porrastreenillä tehoa ulkoiluun

Stair training has become a popular form of exercise in recent years; it is an effective workout that can be practiced in the fresh air, both alone and in a group. In many places today you can find purpose-built fitness stairs, but other sturdy stairs are also suitable for training.

Stair training especially exercises the large muscles of the lower body and the respiratory system. You can also do upper body muscle exercises on the stairs. Everyone can adjust the workout to suit their own level and choose movements that suit them.

You can make the program below as it is or pick ideas that suit you. Remember to reserve a drink to take with you; stair training is quite a sweaty job, especially in the summer heat. Put on good sneakers and wear flexible and breathable clothes - and do nothing but work out and enjoy the sunny summer weather!

Stairs up in different styles:

  • walking
  • at a run
  • jumping to every second step
  • I squatted on every crab / every other crab
  • side runners side in front, each side
  • step squat + leg extension back for every crab / every other crab
  • side squats, each side

At the end, a small circuit workout

At first, tap jumps 2 x 30 (you can tap the decks on the stairs). After that, the following muscle conditioning exercises:

  • Bulgarian Step Squat (hold the back leg on the first step on the platform and squat with the front leg), each leg
  • calf pumping; standing on your toes on the edge of the stairs, first both feet at the same time, then both feet in turn so that one foot is in the air
  • front push-up (hands on a suitable step and feet on the ground)
  • extensor dip (back to the stairs, hands on the appropriate step, bending and straightening of the arms)

Do three rounds of movements, e.g. 15 repetitions/movement in the first round, 10 in the second and 5 in the last.

Good training!