Exercise as a way of life - how to maintain motivation?

Liikunta elämäntavaksi – miten pitää motivaatiota yllä?

Autumn is the time when many start or continue their exercise hobby after the summer break. However, after the initial rush, the enthusiasm for exercise may wane. So how can you maintain motivation so that exercise becomes a way of life - part of everyday routines?

Set goals

Think about why you exercise. What are you aiming for with it? Is the goal perhaps to participate in a running event, lose weight, or even relieve back pain? Think about the means by which you will reach your goal; set intermediate goals on the way to the goal and record your progress. Be realistic when thinking about the goal and move towards it in sufficiently small steps. Be happy when you reach intermediate goals and be inspired by your own progress.

Enter in the calendar and arrange training dates

Everyday life easily gets absorbed in his stroller so that it feels like there is no time left for exercise. Take the calendar and think about the weekly program in advance - when you can fit the workouts in. Can you spare half an hour during the working day for a break and body care? Or would you have time to go for a run in the morning?

Write the training times in the calendar, and they immediately become more concrete and there is a bigger threshold to miss them. Even when you arrange joint training with a friend or, for example, a spouse, the threshold rises even higher. A little social pressure works as a great incentive and moving together is often more efficient.

By writing down the training times, you can monitor that the training is regular and thus it becomes a routine, without which something feels missing.

The right equipment

To make training meaningful and safe, get the right equipment for each sport. It does not mean that you have to have the latest fashion leotards and heart rate monitors, but the equipment suitable for each sport. A weightlifter and a runner both need good shoes, but the same shoes are not suitable for both sports. When the equipment is in order, you can safely focus on doing it yourself. For others, beautiful training clothes also bring motivation, but the most important thing is that they work.

If your goal is to exercise at home, a few basic equipment is a good addition in addition to bodyweight exercise. A trampoline, a kettlebell and a resistance band will go a long way.


Even if you train for a specific goal, remember versatility. For example, don't get stuck doing the same run every time, at the same speed. Vary the lengths and speed, and also include muscle-strengthening exercise and body care in the program. In general, no matter what your sport, try to do as many different types of exercise as possible. It not only develops the body in a more versatile way, but also makes training more meaningful. You don't get bored that easily.

Getting a personal trainer or coach

When starting a new exercise hobby, you can also hire a personal trainer to help. The PT instructs safe techniques, plans a personal training program and has fun in training. The threshold to skip training is higher when you are also responsible for your training to someone else. A good coach is demanding, realistic in setting goals, but also encouraging. A good coaching relationship requires effort from both sides to make it work - so it's worth using time and consideration in acquiring a PT.

Moderation and "your own thing"

When starting an exercise hobby, it's good to remember moderation and a calm enough start. By gradually increasing the frequency and intensity of the exercises, the body gets used to the exercise. However, exercise should promote good health and well-being.

The current social media culture easily creates pressure to perform, and sometimes it feels like there has been no training at all, unless it has been posted on some social media channel. Social media can inspire you to move and that's fine, but you should remember the main thing: you, your goals and your health! The most important thing is to find your own thing, your own sport, the hobby times that fit your schedule. When these are in order, there is nothing to do but enjoy the joy of exercise!

Good training!