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The relaxing herbal cream was renewed

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Here you can find medicine-free muscle and joint wellness products

The product family has been developed to serve the needs of active people, especially the well-being of muscles and joints. The range includes products for muscle recovery and first aid for injuries.


Our customers

Pain reliever

"Absolutely top product.
We bought it as a test and immediately noticed the pain-relieving effect. No going back to other brands."


Relaxing herbal cream

"Slightly warming and definitely promotes recovery. Really comfortable to apply, the scent is also very mild."


Cold-hot cream

The cold-hot cream is amazing! The initial cooling effect effectively eases the feeling. The first time I thought how hot it was, but after a couple of hours the heat started to feel, it lasts a long time and relaxes really well."


Blister patch

"A great blister patch. Enough in one package and stays on really well, even with heavy wear. I recommend it!"


Pain reliever

"I've been using this pain cream for years and I'm very satisfied. It feels a bit like cold gels at first, but it's quickly absorbed and somehow insidiously, without realizing it, eases the pain. I admit that I've been away sometimes, but I've always come back to this product, because this is clearly a six/ 5, more than just a cold gel."


Our most popular product

Cool-X Cold-Hot Ointment is a two-potency ointment for the relief of muscle and joint pain.

The effect starts as cooling, changing to warming. Menthol cools, relieves pain, reduces swelling and triggers muscle tension.