Treats without sugar - protein bars

Proteiinilätyt ilman sokeria.

With the new year, many started a healthier life. There was a rotating challenge on Facebook where the candy strike is maintained for as many days as there are likes. And magazines are filled with various exercise and food instructions.

I also thought I'd put my own spoon into the soup and tell you about my own ways to feast a little lighter - without sugar, but still with enough flavor. The Treats without sugar series covers three different recipes, the first of which is presented with protein cakes.

Protein bars

Many kinds of banana slaw recipes have been tested and there are many good ones, but I designed this recipe in such a way that it also provides protein. In addition, in my case, gluten-free is also a bit limiting. This recipe is also easy, and there is no long list of ingredients either.

1 egg

1 egg white

½ dl gluten-free oatmeal

½ dl whey protein (vanilla flavored)

½ banana

cardamom and cinnamon for seasoning

Measure all the ingredients into a bowl and puree with a hand mixer or Blender until fine. Fry flatbreads with a diameter of about 10 cm in coconut oil in a frying pan. This portion makes four of them. Serve according to your taste, e.g. with berries. The ½ banana left over from the recipe is also delicious as a topping for flatbreads.

These flatbreads can be eaten both for breakfast and as a snack. Sometimes I've made it for lunch too, when I haven't found any other ingredients in the cupboard. This portion is suitable for one person, i.e. for more when making more quantities.

All you have to do is try it!