Heat treatment for muscles

Lämpöhoitoa lihaksille

Painful muscle tension is caused by the wrong load or bad posture, causing the muscles to stiffen and blood circulation to decrease. Heat treatment causes increased blood circulation in the tissues, the opening of superficial capillaries, an increase in tissue stretch and a release of muscle tension. It is important to note that inflamed muscles should not be treated with heat, as heat accelerates the spread of inflammation.

In heat treatment, the temperature of the bath can vary from +40-60°C. The temperature of the thermal bath can be regulated with a towel that is placed between the bath and the skin. Even small changes in temperature can significantly increase tissue metabolism. The best results can be achieved if heat treatment is done at regular intervals. In addition to local heat treatment, reflective effects can be achieved on the entire body, and even deeper tissues. In support of heat treatment, it is important to remember light exercise, which contributes to the release of muscle tension.

Which Cool-X products should be used for heat treatment?

Cool-X Hot bath is an excellent aid in the treatment of back pain, neck pain, muscle pain and various joint pains. Heat treatment relaxes muscles and speeds up muscle metabolism. With Cool-X Hot Balsam, you can exercise and warm up muscles that are sore from exercise before a new sports performance. Thermal balm invigorates blood circulation and speeds up muscle metabolism. Cool-X Relaxing Herbal Cream is, on the other hand, intended for relaxing the feet, e.g. after a working day. The herbal cream also warms up the cold feet by invigorating the blood circulation.