Privacy statement

Updated on October 1, 2018

This statement applies to users of the online service. Cool-X / Biodem Medical Oy is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers.

The data we collect can be divided into data provided by the user, data observed from the use of online services, and data derived with the help of analytics.

We use data:

  • To deliver the products you ordered
  • To provide a good customer experience
  • To improve marketing
  • For the development of customer service and online shopping

This Privacy Statement covers the information of the register statement according to Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999).


Cool-X | Biodem Medical Oy
Kaipionmäentie 7
37570 Lempäälä
Y ID: 1902069-3

Contact person in matters concerning the register:

Susanna Vaismaa
Kaipionmäentie 7
37570 Lempäälä
tel. 0400 427 477

What information can be collected about me?

  • Information provided by the user himself or information that identifies the person
    • Identifying information: name
    • Contact information: address, email address and phone number
  • Data observed about the use of the services and derived with the help of analytics
    • Purchase history: ordered products and their price information
    • Delivery information: selected delivery method and delivery address

What is my personal data used for?

  • To deliver orders
  • To maintain the customer relationship
  • For analytics and statistical purposes
  • For marketing

Data is processed based on legal obligations.

How is my data stored and protected?

All personal data is protected from unauthorized and illegal access.

The processing has taken into account the requirements of the EU data protection regulation applicable from May 25, 2018. According to the Personal Data Act, personal data is destroyed when the legal basis for its storage ceases.

Who processes my personal data?

Customer data can only be accessed by Biodem Medical Oy's own trained staff. Each of our staff sees customer data only to the extent that it is necessary for the performance of work tasks.

How long will my data be kept?

We only keep your personal data for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes described in this statement. In addition, some information is stored longer when it is necessary to comply with the obligations set by law.

  • The Accounting Act defines longer retention periods for information, regardless of whether the material contains personal data or not
  • System log data is collected and stored as required by law, so that we can offer legal and safe online shopping to our customers

What rights do I have?

As a customer, you have the right to:

  • The right to check the information about yourself in the register
  • Update the information you have registered yourself or request their correction
  • Requests the deletion of personal data about you
  • Ask for stored information about yourself
  • Revoke the marketing authorization

You can make these requests and changes through your own account or by contacting our customer service at

Note! In some cases, not all information can be deleted, and legislation may require us to retain some of the information related to the customer.

Will my personal data be transferred to third parties?

We may disclose some essential information to third parties:

  • For analytics and statistics partners
  • For email marketing partners
  • To the transport company
  • To the payment intermediary

The customer's personal data will not be transferred outside the EU or the EEA. When transferring and processing data, Cool-X / Biodem Medical Oy takes care of a high level of data security and protection in accordance with the EU Data Protection Regulation.

Are cookies used on the store's website and what are they? uses cookies ("cookies") and other similar technologies, such as the browser's local storage ("local storage"). Cookies are small text files between the end device's browser and the server. We use these technologies to implement functions, for personalization and for analytics and marketing targeting.

Functional cookies and local storage are used e.g. for customer identification, login maintenance, delivery time estimates and Shopping Cart functions. The use of cookies and local storage and acceptance of their use is mandatory for these functions.

The information used for analytics and marketing targeting is anonymized whenever possible. Otherwise, we treat the information as personal to the extent that the identifier contains customer-targeting information, such as an IP address.

We use Google Analytics, e.g. in analytics related to the use of our site, popular products, trends and sales. The information sent to Google is anonymized.

You can block the use of cookies by changing your browser settings. Please note that as a result of deleting cookies, you may not be able to use some of the site's functionalities.

From the links below, you can get instructions on the settings of your own browser. If you use several different browsers, be sure to delete cookies from all of them.

Deleting cookies / Microsoft Internet Explorer

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Who can I contact?

You can contact us for questions related to privacy, data processing and the privacy statement by email: