Core fitness - Middle body workout

Core kuntoon – Keskivartalon treeni

A functional core makes all movement easier. Good mid-body support maintains posture and keeps the pelvis and the whole body in the right position. Good core muscles help when squatting at the gym, running on a trail in the forest, or carrying shopping bags. And they look nice too!

When training core, it's important to activate the middle body and have the right technique. You can first practice activating the deep abdominal muscles, e.g. as follows: Lie in a hunched over position. Breathe in deeply and with the exhalation flatten your back tightly against the floor, causing the abdominal muscles to tense. Activates the pelvic floor muscles at the same time. Relax in between and repeat the movement. When you learn to activate your summer body, always remember that when doing movements.

In the following workout, five Core-shaping movements are presented, which you can do e.g. 15-20 repetitions/movement, 1-3 rounds at a time. You can do the exercises both at the gym and at home. With small changes (e.g. weights) you can modify the training to suit you.

1. Sit-ups

2. Spin and pedal

We are lying on our backs; the legs pedal and the upper body twists from side to side. Koita always touches the opposite knee with the elbow. Oblique abdominal muscles work.

3. Hoover grip

Lie face down on the floor or mat with only your forearms and feet touching the ground. In the upper body position, note that the elbows are directly under the shoulders. The butt stays down and the middle body is tight, the sides and neck are long. Stay in the position for as long as you can control the position. You can get extra power, for example, by raising your hand or leg in the air. You can make it lighter by bringing your knees to the base.

4. Side plank and pumping

Turn the hoover position sideways on one leg and one hand. Pay attention to the shoulder-elbow line again. You can either be in a holding position or include pumping, where you lower and lift the side up and down. Keep your chest open. You can lighten the movement by keeping the lower knee on the ground.

5. Back muscle movement in the supine position

Lie on your back. Simultaneously lift all limbs up and down. The idea is that you stretch the length at the same time, that is, you keep the sides long. Look at the ground. Activate the buttocks during lifts as well.

Good training!