Neck-shoulder exercise with a rubber band

Niska-hartiajumppa kuminauhalla

Working at the computer, sitting for a long time or using a mobile phone, for example, stiffens the neck-shoulder area. A little walking and movement to the shoulder area strangely cheers up the mood and thinking and prevents muscle soreness

In the following, we will show you a break jump with a rubber band, which is easy to do anywhere. It also works as a body care exercise, even while watching TV.

1. Thrusts forward and up

The elastic band goes behind the back. Roll enough rubber bands to get the right amount of resistance. Push your hands forward at the same time, giving your chest muscles movement. Then change the movement to push-ups, allowing the muscles in the shoulder area to work.

2. Chest examinations

Grab the rubber band from both ends so that you get a suitable resistance when opening the rubber band as wide as possible in front of the chest. Hold on a moment.

3. You row in a seated position

The rubber band goes behind the soles of the feet and adjust the grip again so that you can resist the movement. The back is rounded and the chest opens alternately. Rowing movements can be done from different angles; from below, above, from the front - as long as you find a place (e.g. a door handle) where you can attach the rubber band.

4. Side stretch while sitting on a chair

The rubber band runs under the bench. Tighten your grip to get the best possible stretch when tilting the side.

5. Neck stretch

One end of the rubber band is "locked" under the foot and the other end is in the hand. Good tension so you can get a stretch in the neck by tilting the head and upper body.

Good training!