Cool-X my favorite -Susan Hakala

Cool-X suosikkini -Susan Hakala

Muscle maintenance is an important part of well-being, especially for those who train harder, but many products are useful for all of us as maintainers of well-being and health. Among the Cool-X products, I have found many favorites that I use regularly.

Thermal cream was my first acquaintance with Cool-X products and it is also one of my long-term favourites. I use the cream especially in autumn and winter before training to warm my lower back and legs. The product is very sufficient, and its use should not be exaggerated; it really warms up the muscles and as the body warms up, the effect only increases. It should therefore be put in a fairly small dosage and increased if necessary.

Cold-hot cream is a more recent acquaintance and I have used it after training to enhance muscle recovery. The effect first starts as cooling and then turns into warming. Especially after hard leg workouts, the effect of the cream feels nice and the legs seem to recover more efficiently.

Pain reliever I sometimes use it for muscle tension after training. When a migraine attack hits, I rub pain cream on my neck in addition to the painkiller and I have found that it eases the pain.

Magnesium spray is also in regular use. It speeds up muscle recovery and in my case it has helped prevent nighttime muscle cramps. I used to suffer from calf cramps quite often, which woke me up in the middle of the night. When I started using the Magnesium Spray, the cramps stopped happening. The spray is easy to use; dosing is done according to the number of sprays and thanks to the oily composition, it is easy to spread on the skin.

Almond Massage oil I use it like a moisturizer, especially on the lower legs. The oil is wonderfully finely divided and leaves a beautiful surface on the skin. It also works great for massage, but I've used it specifically instead of moisturizer. In my opinion, it beats expensive moisturizers in a long way; is enough and really moisturizes dry summer legs.

Kinesio tapes are available whenever necessary. Taping instructions can be found at Cool-X From the YouTube channel , but you can also ask for taping help from e.g. your own masseuse.

Also Sport First Aid Kit has been necessary in a training bag; a while ago, a training friend got quick help when a quick-cooling bag was found in the bag! I myself have used the patches and blister patches from the first aid kit a few times.