Why do muscles get sore from exercise and how should the pain be treated?

Miksi lihakset kipeytyvät liikunnasta ja miten kipua kannattaa hoitaa?

A sudden increase in exercise or a tougher than usual workout may surprise you with feeling stiff in the morning. Thighs scream and shoulders burn. What exactly is it about?

Muscle soreness means that you have done an effective exercise that your body is not used to yet. Whether it's carrying shopping bags or running harder than usual. During heavy exertion, the internal structures of the muscles are broken. The muscle becomes inflamed, which irritates the pain nerves. However, you should not be afraid of pain. It is not dangerous or harmful but even a good sign! Your muscles have worked and are getting stronger.

Are muscle pains only a problem for the unfit?

Are not. A fit exerciser easily gets muscle pain when changing sports or movements. The pain just tells you that you have used muscles that you normally don't activate as much. The sensation of pain is also very individual and some people suffer from muscle pain more easily than others.

Can muscle pain be prevented?

Regular and versatile exercise is the best prevention for muscle pain. When the muscles get used to training and strain, they don't get sore as easily. Also pay attention to recovery from exercises. You can help recovery with a healthy diet and taking care of your magnesium intake. Sufficient intake of magnesium increases endurance, prevents muscle spasms and speeds up recovery. Cool-X Magnesium Spray is a pure and excellently absorbable magnesium product obtained from nature, which is sprayed directly on the skin before or during training.

How do I relieve pain?

Anti-inflammatory drugs are not a good option, as they may impair recovery and irritate the stomach. Light exercise and muscle relaxation may help, as can a light massage. Drug-free Cool-X Pain Cream is a good aid for recovery immediately after training, but also relieves muscle pain the next day. The cream acts locally directly on the treated area, stimulating blood circulation and reducing swelling and muscle cramps.