Three K's first aid

Kolmen K:n ensiapu

KKK treatment, i.e. cold treatment, elevated position, compression is the best form of treatment for acute sprains, strains and sprains. Cold treatment refers to a cold bath, an instant cold pack, snow or anything cold. Elevated position refers to elevating the injured area, e.g. the ankle, above the level of the heart. Compression is achieved with, for example, an elastic band, taping or wrapping film. The bandage should be tight, but it should not be too tight, so that blood circulation is not hindered. Make sure that the blood circulates and that the treated limb does not become white and cold. If this happens, the compression is too strong and the bandage should be loosened.

It is recommended to continue the cold treatment 2-3 times a day for 20-30 minutes. Even in more severe injuries, such as a broken ankle or wrist, the KKK treatment is a good first aid before getting further treatment. All three forms of treatment reduce swelling and prevent internal bleeding and accumulation of tissue fluid in the injured area.

Cold therapy for acute injuries

In laceration, sprain and contusion injuries, tissue fluid and blood accumulate in the injured area when the capillaries are broken. If cold is applied to the skin in less than a minute after the injury, the healing time can even be halved. Cold treatment shrinks the tissues and reduces bleeding and the amount of tissue fluid seeping into the tissues. This avoids the formation of swelling and further damage. Cold therapy also helps in the treatment of mucous bags near the joints, joint capsules, tendinitis and muscle pain.

Which Cool-X products should be used for cold therapy

Acute laceration, sprain and contusion injury Ice spray is a quick help to temporarily lower the temperature of the tissues. Should be used for follow-up treatment Quick cooler bag or multipurpose cold bath . A quick cold pack or a cold bath are always the best aids for an acute injury, if they are available. Cool-X bandage wrap is an excellent aid for creating a quick compression bandage.

Sprayable Cool-X Cold Gel as well as traditional tube-shaped Cold gel are treatments intended for muscle maintenance. They are used to trigger muscle tension and for the aftercare of strains and sprains. Cold gels lower the temperature of the tissue by 5-6ºC. The products are not intended for cold therapy of acute injuries. Cool-X Cold dressing is also an excellent form of treatment for the aftercare of tears and sprains, as it cools the tissue by 10-12ºC.