Speed, strength and body care - GoFlo, Trampoline Fitness and aerial yoga are on display

Vauhtia, voimaa ja kehonhuoltoa – lajiesittelyssä GoFlo, Trampolin Fitness ja ilmajooga

Looking for new forms of exercise for next year? Despite the challenging names, many novelty sports are also suitable for beginners, so feel free to try them!

A lack of abundance, that describes the amount of sports offered today. There are more and more species popping up all the time and often they have names that make it difficult to determine what they contain. In this blog post, we present three less common types of group exercise: Trampoline Fitness, GoFlo and aerial yoga. We got to know these species Sports Center in Park , Lempäälä.


GoFlo classes use flexible harnesses that support and carry the trainer. To an outsider's eyes, it looks quite fast, even challenging.

GoFlo lesson instructor Sari Lipponen says that with flexible ropes you can do heart rate-raising exercises as well as muscle conditioning and stretching exercises. During the class, all the muscles of the body are used in a small way. Sari says that the lesson can also be combined with different equipment, such as dumbbells.

In a GoFlo class, the instructor is not traditionally in front, but goes around among the trainers to guide and encourage. Each trainer performs movements at his own pace, within the limits of his own strength and mobility. The class is therefore suitable for trainers of different levels who want to strengthen their fitness and challenge themselves in a new and fun way.

"I've taken a TRX class before, and when they were no longer in reading order, I decided to try the new sport of GoFlo. It seemed like the most suitable, fun sport for me. The best thing about GoFlo is that the only limit is your imagination when jogging with a harness. There are a variety of exercises that suit the body, and the classes are not the same. With the harness, you can raise the heart rate e.g. jumping and running and also doing muscle fitness exercises on the spot. The sport is suitable for all ages! It's been nice to notice that GoFlo classes are also attended by other people the same age as me (19 years old) - many times I've been the only younger gymnast in group exercise classes. My favorite move is superman jumps."

-GoFlo enthusiast Venla-

Trampoline Fitness

Trampoline lessons started at Liikuntakeskus Park 2.5 years ago and I have been guiding the sport myself since then. The first thing that comes to mind when people think of a trampoline is the standard equipment for backyards, the giant trampoline. However, that's not what this sport is about. Trampoline classes use fitness trampolines and everyone has their own. The fitness trampoline also has a support for the hands at the front - it is used as an aid in certain movements.

The jumping technique is different from jumping on a giant trampoline. The fitness trampoline aims for rhythmic, steady jumping, which is made possible by heel-led jumping and tight control of the middle body. While on a giant trampoline you jump as high as possible and exert yourself through your legs, on a fitness trampoline both your ankles and knees are kept slightly bent at all times. This makes it easier to stay in rhythm and keeps the jump at an even height and controlled.

The Trampoline Fitness class consists of jumping sets performed to the rhythm of music and separate muscle fitness sections, where dumbbells are used as help in varying ways, for example. The class strengthens the respiratory and circulatory system as well as muscle condition. Although you might imagine that jumping takes a particular toll on the legs, the next day you will notice that the muscles of the middle body have to work to maintain control and balance of the middle body.

As an instructor, I especially enjoy seeing the participants break free and enjoy the drug of speed. At its best, jumping releases childlike joy. A wide variety of people can participate in the class, both women and men, who want to challenge themselves in a fun way. As a flexible platform, the trampoline is also joint-friendly.

"I started trampoline because I thought it was a fun exercise - not something to be taken too seriously. The best thing about it is its versatility; it takes evenly throughout the body. It develops endurance, muscle condition and balance. Trampoline is suitable for those who like to work up a sweat and also for those who miss being able to work out a little bit without noticing it, with good music and the mood of doing things while on vacation."

-Trampoline enthusiast Eevi-

Aerial yoga

In aerial yoga, an aerial yoga cloth is used, which is 6m long and 3m wide. The cloth hangs from the ceiling and serves as an aid in various aerial yoga movements. The movements open the body's tensions and increase mobility, sometimes you can even do a little tricks. It is good to wear skin-tight, flexible clothes. No shoes are worn.

Aerial yoga instructor Sanna Kiviniemi recommends aerial yoga to everyone who wants to take care of their body and relax. Everyone progresses by listening to their own body. According to Sanna, air yoga is at its best for muscle care, relaxation and calming down. Sometimes you can also challenge yourself in the form of small tricks.

Sannan mentions various inversions, i.e. hanging downwards, as his own favorite movement. Often when you google the word aerial yoga on the internet, the first images are exactly different types of hanging upside down. Even in the acrobatics sections, however, you have to listen to your body and if the hanging doesn't feel good, you don't do it. However, as the hour goes on, many may find completely new aspects of themselves.

"I used to be more of a "basic yogi", but when aerial yoga classes came to Park, I started going there. For me, the sport works as body care and relaxes. Aerial yoga enables good stretches and body rotations. Of course, different pendants are also good. For a timid beginner, it may be challenging at first, but it is suitable for body care for everyone. For children, it enables fun exercise through trick-or-treating. My favorites are the different upside-down pendants."

- aerial yoga enthusiast Ulla-