Instructions for interval exercise

Ohjeita taukoliikuntaan

During the working day, the body is often subjected to one-sided strain and bad postures. The body is especially hard during sitting work, so it's good to remember to take regular breaks.

With these easy movements, you will wake up your muscles every day.

Side bending activates the sides and back. Sit straight, raise your hand up and grab your wrist with the other hand. Tilt your body to the side and pull the hand until the stretch is felt in the lower back and side. Breathe calmly and increase the stretch during exhalation. Repeat on the other side.

Rolling the shoulders improves the mobility of the shoulder joint and the thoracic spine, straightens the posture, opens the upper parts of the lungs and revives blood circulation. Sit with good posture with your hands at your sides. Lift your shoulders up and roll them back in a wide arching motion. Repeat several times.

Stand up with your legs slightly apart and take support from a chair or table if necessary. Calmly get up on the blocks, hold a moment and come down. Repeat at least ten times.

Sit straight. Twist your body as far as you can. You can make the movement easier by holding onto a chair or your thigh. Calmly repeat alternately on both sides.

Grasp the hand being stretched with the other hand. Straighten your elbow and turn your fingers towards you until you feel the stretch in your palm and fingers. Then bend the wrist down and hook the fingers with the other hand until the stretch is felt in the forearm. Repeat with the other hand.