An effective 8-movement bodyweight workout for the whole body

Tehokas 8 liikkeen kehonpainotreeni koko kropalle

Bodyweight training is a nice form of exercise, because you can start training almost anywhere, anytime, and no separate equipment is needed. The weight of your own body acts as resistance. Equipment-free workouts are also excellent for spring and summer outdoor exercise. In addition to your own home, you can do the workout, for example, outside in a park, on a cottage pier, on a patio or on a trip.

This body-shaping bodyweight workout is designed for the whole body, and even beginners can easily learn the techniques of the movements. Do a little warm-up before the actual workout. After the initial warm-up, you can do 2-3 rounds of the following movements. Take small restorative breaks between rounds. Happy training!

Movement 1. Bulgarian step squat

10 squats for both legs

In the Bulgarian step squat, one leg is lifted back onto the platform, a chair is well suited as a platform. To achieve the best thigh feel, find a distance from the bench that suits you - so that the movement feels natural and the squat is smooth. Squat on the front leg in a controlled manner and make sure that the knee does not bend over or turn to the side during the movement. The movement is most felt in the front legs, but when standing up, the movement also strengthens the large gluteal muscle.

Movement 2. Dip push-up

10 push-ups

Place your hands on the edge of the chair and move your legs briskly forward. The difficulty of the movement is affected by the position of the feet: the movement is more difficult the farther forward you move the feet. In the starting position, the arms are straight, but not locked. A soft hook may remain in the arms throughout the range of motion. Dip your butt to the floor and back up. In the shop, you have to remember a controlled invoice.

Movement 3. Glute Bridge / Hip lift with one leg

10 lifts on both sides

A heavier variation of the hip lift is obtained when the movement is performed with one leg, the other leg perpendicularly upwards. This move is great for working out glute activation, hip control, and core strength. Lifting one leg brings more resistance and challenge to the movement. During the movement, focus on lifting your hips off the ground in a controlled manner. The pelvis should not swing from side to side, but the lifting should be done straight up.

Movement 4. Plank walking

Get into plank position with straight hands. Tighten the middle body into a tight package, the upper back can be slightly rounded, causing the pelvis to turn forward and space between the shoulder blades. During the movement, always try to crunch your stomach, which is where the power for the whole movement comes from.

We walk with straight hands, i.e. we land on our forearms. After that, we return to the palms of our hands, pushing back to straight hands. Do the movement calmly, you will get the most out of it when you do the movement so that the hips do not swing from side to side.

Movement 5. Sumo squat

15 squats

The sumo squat is the king of the buttocks. As a starting position, take a wide crotch position and stand with your feet slightly slanted outwards. You can keep your hands resting on your hips. Do a squat, bringing your butt down, knees in the final position at an angle of at least 90 degrees. When you stand up, you can think that you are doing a lift with your buttocks. In the upper position, the butt is tensed a bit more before squatting down again.

Movement 6. Cross squat

10 squats on both sides

This movement is felt in the side buttocks, i.e. in the so-called shins. The other leg is brought back crosswise downwards and at the same time squatting backwards. A small stretch is felt in the side of the buttock. You can do the movement alternately or one leg at a time - feel what feels best for you.

Movement 7. Squat jumps to raise the heart rate

12 sharp squat jumps from top to bottom

During bodyweight training, it is easy to raise your heart rate between movements and at the same time exercise the load on your respiratory system. Get into a hip-width starting position. The effort up must be fast and explosive, the descent must be controlled and hold from the middle of the body throughout the movement. Watch the control of the knees so that they do not twist to the sides during the movement. Do 12 sharp squat jumps up and down. You will feel your heart rate rise.

Movement 8. Abdominal crunch with legs on a chair

15 withdrawals

Lie on your back and put your feet up on a chair. The hands are taken behind the neck or brought forward. From the starting position, we start to crunch the abdominal muscles, causing the shoulder blades to rise from the ground and the abdominal muscles tense. Try to keep your neck relaxed though. The abdominal muscles are kept slightly tense even in the lower position, and the shoulder blades are not completely lowered to the ground. Do 15 calm lifts, the movement is not big, but you can feel it.

- Hilla Stenlund

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