Cool-X Hot Balsam is a muscle-warming cream. The effect begins when the bloodstream is stimulated, for example, through massage or exercise.  When sweating, the heat effect is intensified.

How to use: Test the Hot Balsam first with a very small amount, just a few drops will give a warming effect. Rub a few drops of cream onto the area to be treated. Activate the cream through rubbing or exercise. Add more, as needed.

WARNING: Not suitable for those with sensitive skin or chilli pepper allergies. Avoid having a sauna after applying the Cool-X Heath Cream. Do not use the cream if your muscles are inflamed. With inflammatory muscles, cold therapy is the correct kind of treatment.

Package sizes: 75 ml

Ingredients: Capsicum Annuum Extract, Mentha Piperita Oil, Cinnamomum Cassia Extract