The Cool-X product family has been developed to help out people on the move. An active lifestyle doesn’t come along without its own aches and sprains- for this very purpose our range assists in the recovery of muscles, as well as the treatment and prevention of injuries.

The products can be used by athletes, physiotherapy professionals and home users. The products can be used safely and without any medications. Most of our product range are classified as health care products and carry CE markings.

Biodem Medical Oy is a wholesale distributor of Cool-X products. Our company belongs to the Finnish family business Frescon Oy. Our roots in healthcare and wellness products are based on decades of experience.

Everything started out from a cold gel

Our solid experience in the manufacture of muscle care products originated from the development of a cold gel. The original recipe for Cool-X cold gel originated from an innovative man in the 1980’s. When the cashiers of a local grocery store complained about neck pains, something had to be done. There was a need for a cold gel that would relieve pain and muscular tension, a gel that has become the foundation for almost all the cold gels used today.

Nowadays, the son of that innovative man continues his father’s job with the objective of always developing ever improving products for the well-being of muscles and joints.

Our goal is to help you feel the joy of movement every day of the year.

Our values

The high quality, safety and Finnishness of our products are important to us. We also consider the environment in our operations and strive to promote renewable energy. Solar panels on the roofs of our premises produce pure solar energy for our production and, thus, we are able to minimize the environmental impact of our energy production.